For years, seven of them to be exact, I lugged a bag with taping equipment to damn near every concert I went to – rain or shine, sickness or in health.  The pros – I always knew where I’d be standing…I always had a copy of the show to listen to…I met a lot of people.  The cons – Being a human forcefield for 3-4 hours a night…Being in the same spot every night…Buying batteries at a 7-11 mere minutes before the show.

So, I quit.  It was 2006 and that was that.  I’d had it.  Seeing band from the same spot and not being able to get a beer or take a leak when the urge struck me to do so was no longer appealing.  I still attended, and never really missed the tapers section.

The DATs?  Well, they sat in boxes, then in a dresser, then in a basement, and now are in a cupboard next to a leaning stack of diapers, resting, potentially never to be heard from again.

Then…something happened.

I realized, or maybe remembered, that at times I was one of less than a handful of tapers at these shows.  So, I did a little research.  Turns out some of what I have is otherwise uncirculated, and that ain’t right.

So, I bring to you my DATs (and a few cassettes and some shows taped by others, but only those that are lightly or completely  uncirculated).  This is an ongoing process that will take years possibly to complete.  And, since no one knows that this site exists, I am doing this likely for no one other than myself, but, hey, whatever.  These shows were good, for the most part.

An overwhelming amount of these are moe. & Phil Lesh Quintet shows from 2001 – 2006.  There are a few from before that time, which are copies of masters handed down to me from fellow tapers (and retired tapers like myself).  All info as to source, taper (if not me) and anything else will be included in these files.

Please feel free to comment, and if you don’t like how it sounds, don’t complain, just don’t fucking download it.  Simple as that.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. can’t thank you enough for my first PLQ show up you just put up mere weeks ago: 7.15.2001 at Deer Creek in Nobelsville, IN.
    I love people’s show experiences & meeting band member stories. Yet I can only say that the Phil SuperFriends set went so much better than the prior SCI set with sleep deprivation. Snapshots: distinctly remember the full & rich harmonies & guy spinning & twirling down the aisle separating the lawn & seats that gave me space. Remember the incredible Sugaree one of my favorites. A Stella that I came down into the pavillion for, and a 11 hour drive back to the home state a couple west of there.

    I think you just added something really great to my, life thank you.

    This is a fire, prime, high energy PLQ set you put up, & the copy you put up, thanks to the unknown taper. This is removing the fuzz & lack of clarity miracle find of someone somehow uploading this capturing of a special day for me. We drove down all the night to get to the show. Brought a kid who’s probably never seen a show since, drove his old faded green DOT ford truck.

    Its a record of day 16 in a 26 year old’s life & my third ever Dead family band show after 2 ratdogs, which were not near this tight most of the time.
    After this show NYE SCI 2 shows & PLQ & RatDog 2 shows in SF were an easy decision. A first time pilgrimage this 7.15.01 show was. Next came 12.30-12.31.01, 4.4-4.05.02, 6.23.02, 8.03-.04.02 (& Other Ones) then 11.30.02-12.1.02 (O Ones) etc. are some of the absolute highlights of show going of my life. You have no idea what it means to find this precious show at this time in my life, which is very similar to the time of rebirth & awakening to the truth, as this former time period in my life.

  2. From someone who will continue to try to replace a collection stolen from me years ago, thank you so much for doing this! Cheers!

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