Updates to “In the Queue” and “The Liquidation Program”

Hi all,

Long time no talk.  Anyway, a couple of updates.  I’ve added the “In the Queue” tab.  This site actually generates more traffic than I ever imagined, so if you see something on there that is particularly tickling your fancy, shoot me an email and I’ll push it up the tracking list.

Also, as of right now, the Liquidation Program is in full effect.  If you love cassettes and cds, check that tab often.  I’m going to spend the summer going through the mountains of music, and set some of it free, for free.

In other news, there’s a lot of transferring going on, and the site is going to undergo a minor aesthetic modification soon, I think.

More tunes shortly.  And, never forget, your DATs that are sitting and collecting dust are, as we speak, melting in the summer heat.  If you want them transferred, shoot me a line.

Follow us on twitter @boilerbasement…which is going to be utilized more going forward.



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