What else you ask?

In addition to the Col. Bruce and the Codetalkers show (featuring Mike Gordon on Guitar) which from here on out shall be referred to as “One for 80s,” I am hoping that by the weekend, two more installments will be up.

First is  moe. 12/30/01 – Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, which, I guess could be referred to as “Two for 80s” (or “80s, the Second,” or “80s, Part Deux,” or maybe just “82,”…this is tough) since we had the delight of sharing a bullet-hole riddled hotel room on the outskirts of town together, while a couple of our friends lived it up like high-rolling fat cats in a fantastic hotel room overlooking the venue where we held NYE pre-show festivities the following night (thanks Ryan and Julie).  Another highlight of that hotel room was 80s decision to scrub a Snickers bar across the wall and on the sheet of his bed, in an epic post-show showing, the likes of which have still yet to be unmatched (I think) to this date.  I suspect that he was actually covering up for literally shitting the bed, but alas, I digress…

It was a solid show, the venue was pretty good, and there’s absolutely nothing like the feeling of the wind zipping off the ocean and through the boardwalk in Asbury Park in the complete dead of winter.

Following that, coming at the request of the man who once wore a Lillehammer ’92 shirt from 1990-1997 (pictures coming to prove it, you know who you are) when, I think, it was the victim of a viscous tent break in and ransacking at the Great Went, will come the entire Hoodoo Bash from 6/6/98 – Nashoba Valley Ski Area in Westport, MA.  I got these tapes from the taper, they’re transferred from cassette, and they are soundboards.  Quality through and through for a great day that was only sorta spoiled by moe. playing first.  This was my 12th moe. show, and the kick off of a summer that found me gallivanting all across the country and eventually ending up in Colorado for about 10 days that seemed like forever.

Anyway, that’s what we’re looking at, then I’ll open it up to requests again.  Hopefully some of you will start downloading these, or else I may just deliver the death blow to this pet project once and for all.

Onward and upward, dear laddies.

And, above all…

Why don’t you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut?  Why don’t you take a flying fuck at the mooooooooooooooon?


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