Installment #1 Details

Here’s the links and notes, story coming…



Mabel Brown Room, Keene State College, Keene, NH

Source: (FOB) AKG C1000’s > Beherenger MXB1002 > D8
Transfer: D8 > Harmon Kardan CDR5000 > CD > WAV > FLAC

(One Set Show)

Disc 1:
1. 32 Things
2. New York City
3. Hi & Lo >
4. Bring You Down
5. Kyle
6. Time Again
Rob’s Elephant Jokes
7. Okayalright
8. Conviction Song

Disc 2:
1. St. Augustine
2. You Livin’ Again
3. The Faker >
4. Timmy Tucker
5. Rob’s Story
6. The Weight

– DAT Master, one of about 20 tapes lost in a move; this transfer was done to CD from the Master.
To my recollection, there was only 1 other person taping.
– Levels low until ~ 2:23 D1T1 because of late set up.
– Small pop just before the beginnings of Kyle and Timmy Tucker.
– Tracking off for Okayalright (Starts on Track 6).


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